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Traveling is like salt, it's like spices, it changes the taste of everything you touch, leaves you scents and fragrances entangled in your heart”. We’re betting that you too tasted this will of freely travelling and discovering new lands. Tedi Tour organizes tailor-made travels satisfying all your peculiar needs, keeping into consideration desires, and money and time availability.
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All our programs can be also completely modified according to your needs. Feel free of leaving and returning, choosing your favorite program and the level of servicer you prefer. Safe trip!


The cruise is one of the possibilities for those who want to live an unforgettable experience. Why choose it? it offers the possibility to visit a new place every day, it’s suitable for adult and children and it’s perfect to relax.


Discovering the capitals is like traveling through the tales of the places. Among the streets of the most important cities of Italy, Europe and all over the world, you can breathe centuries of history told not only by the guides, but also by the monuments, the traditions and the people.


For those who want to combine the pleasure of a trip to the desire of relaxing, we dedicate some relaxing experiences for the well-being of body and soul, for a weekend or for longer periods.


To share the experience of a trip can be another reason to leave with great enthusiasm. Our itinerary proposals are led by expert guides and made for those who love travelling in a group and want a courier.


One of the main certainties in the travel world is that Italy is one of the best places to visit. Italy is a country that offers varied and countless experiences, thanks to its nature, its food, its art and all the old civilizations to remember.


Those who love the sea world, to swim and to go on boat, can’t wait for plunging and feeling the sensations of the real essence of life. Where’s the best place for doing it? We don’t know it, because everybody deserves a tailor-made experience.

Do you want to travel in complete freedom?
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Do you want to leave and you need any advice? We can help you choosing the best period for your holiday, the most interesting places to visit, doing the paperwork and the all the sanitary measures needed.


With Tedi Tour you are free to leave and return whenever you want, according to your free time. Have you chosen your travel experience? We offer an accurate ticket service for every destination and means of transport.


Have you already planned your trip? The paperworks are not a problem for you, because Tedi Tour has a long experience in the field of insurance and visa. Entrust to us to leave without worries.